MCK Nonwoven Abrasives

MCK Nonwoven Abrasives

Since 1969

Total solutions to serve global customers
MCK is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven abrasive products.
Located in the central part of Taiwan, we are able to quickly produce the abrasive materials required by our customers through 4 most advanced non-woven production lines.

We have a logistics warehouse in the US to allow quick and cost effective shipping to North American customers.

Industrial grade nonwoven abrasives help you achieve the desired results, such as deburring, sanding, polishing, fine processing, cleaning applications on all types of metal surfaces.

Industrial market applications: Aerospace industry, Automobiles, Food processing equipment, Medical equipment, Metal fabrication, Pipeline/Stainless steel assembly , Motocycle/Bicycles, Trophies/Medals, etc.
Home market applications: DIY, Wall renovation, Paint finishing of automobiles, Rust removal of old machinery and various surface cleaning.



MCK is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven abrasives, and we strive to be a global leader by providing quality products, on time delivery and competitive pricing.