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  • Unitized Slabs

Unitized Slabs

Unitized slab is a tightly layered, durable unitized material available in soft to hard densities. This material works well for aggressive deburring, blending, and finishing on harder metals. Unitized material provides an excellent starting point for jobs requiring the availability of small diameters and narrow widths. Unitized material can replace many conventional abrasive products such as rubber bonded wheels. The grain, combined with a tough nylon web, is ideally suited for producing uniform results and runs cool and resists loading.

Width 19” x Length 19” Density: 2 = Soft 6 = Medium 8 = Hard

1/8” US2SF01 US2AM01 US2AC01 US6SF01 US6AC01 US6AM01 US8SF01 US8AC01 US8AM01
1/4” US2SF02 US2AM02 US2AC02 US6SF02 US6AC02 US6AM02 US8SF02 US8AC02 US8AM02
3/8” US2SF03 US2AM03 US2AC03 US6SF03 US6AC03 US6AM03 US8SF03 US8AC03 US8AM03
1/2” US2SF04 US2AM04 US2AC04 US6SF04 US6AC04 US6AM04 US8SF04 US8AC04 US8AM04
5/8” US2SF05 US2AM05 US2AC05 US6SF05 US6AC05 US6AM05 US8SF05 US8AC05 US8AM05
3/4” US2SF06 US2AM06 US2AC06 US6SF06 US6AC06 US6AM06 US8SF06 US8AC06 US8AM06
7/8” US2SF07 US2AM07 US2AC07 US6SF07 US6AC07 US6AM07 US8SF07 US8AC07 US8AM07
1” US2SF08 US2AM08 US2AC08 US6SF08 US6AC08 US6AM08 US8SF08 US8AC08 US8AM08
1-1/8” US2SF09 US2AM09 US2AC09 US6SF09 US6AC09 US6AM09 US8SF09 US8AC09 US8AM09
1-3/16” US2SF10 US2AM10 US2AC10 US6SF10 US6AC10 US6AM10 US8SF10 US8AC10 US8AM10
1-1/4” US2SF11 US2AM11 US2AC11 US6SF11 US6AC11 US6AM11 US8SF11 US8AC11 US8AM11

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